After the storm

Last night we had some very severe thunder storms and many branches have fallen. My ride was like an obstacle course, as I was dodging those fallen branches.

Ride before the Thunder Storms

I set out early as thunder storms are predicted. I didn't want to be out in the open with no shelter. I rode 10.67 miles and I feel just great.

Into the frying pan!

This morning I rode outside my usual path and explored streets and roads I have never seen. The only problem today was the excessive heat. It was 86 degrees at times.

Very poor riding conditions today

This morning I planned on a long ride through the nature preserve, but that plan ended in the garbage. It was nice and sunny with very slight winds when I started my warm up loop through local streets. By the time I had ridden 1 mile the clouds appeared and the wind picked up. I continued on for another few miles and decided that I had better head for shelter. I made it home, but the winds were so strong that I had a hard time heading into them. The clouds were dark and the rain started, so all in all I was lucky. Total ride 6.11 miles.

Back in the saddle

It has been a long.long time since I have posted, and many changes have happened to my life. I am not going to get into these changes, but post about my rides and trike modifications. On May 19th I took a leasure ride through Monroe Township into East Windsor. I was a excellent ride to help get my bent legs back. And do I need to get them back I rode 10.21 miles with just a few up hills.

First ride in a number of days do to bad weather

Felt really good to get out on the road and put some miles on the trike. I ordered new tires as mine are pretty well worn. They wore slightly uneven more wear on the inside than the outside. Maybe the wheels need to be aligned, but I doubt it chances are it is just from turning sharp at high speed. Well the ride went smooth the weather was sunny and warm with a strong wind.  Now I know to expect strong winds when I ride within the development, but they get less powerful when I leave and head out to the local roads.