Sunday, June 26, 2016

Early start and a great workout.

I Feel so much better mentally and physically after a good ride. The riding relieves my pain and helps a huge amount with dealing with my grief. I think the more I put into my riding the less anger and anxiety I have. I don't think I ever stop thinking about David and his children, and how hard it is for Kate to deal as a single parent. I always felt dealing with a problem head on was the best method, but I have been slapped down as I know there isn't a solution to my grief and I will have to learn to deal with it. Easier said than done! The more time I have to think the worse things get, as I am a type A personality. Everyone says people deal with grief in their own way, but I wish I could find a way to do that. This Father's day was just a nightmare but yet I was able to see my daughter and my grandchildren which made me feel good but very depressed. I promise myself everyday that I will try my best to get better and not take my anger out on others. This event has changed everything and if I don't do something soon I will just crash and burn. Well enough of the sadness! My ride today was nice other than the crazy people on the road. I had a guy driving with his both side mirrors folded in and there was no way he could see who was alongside him. I kept my distance.

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