Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Todays Ride and other news.

Yesterday I returned to my local bike shop in-order to have my front brakes adjusted, because the parking brake didn't work and the pads were rubbing the rotor. After an hour we became frustrated because the rotor was warped and we were unable to remove the warp. I was then told to replace the rotor, and I said that "I will contact the manufacturer of the brakes since the wobble was there when I purchased the trike". I went home and spent another 2 hours trying to fix the rotor and save some bucks, but it was unfix-able. I spoke to Avid and they informed me that it was the problem of the manufacturer of my trike. I guess if I had told Randy at the time of purchase I would have avoided this problem. I decided to call Randy at ActionBent to see if he had rotors in stock. I was informed by Randy that he had replacements in stock and he could mail them regular post that day. I ordered a pair so that both rotors would be the same, and I hope that they will arrive by the end of the week. Maybe the wheel covers from R-Sports will arrive the same time so the wheels only come off once.

At 10:00 AM I started my ride and the temperature was 62 degrees with a wind out of the West at 3 MPH gusting to 6 MPH. The time I returned it was 74 degrees and I had ridden 18.57 miles. Not a bad ride at all.

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