Friday, September 01, 2006

No ride Today called by more rain!

I won't be riding today or tomorrow do to Tropical Storm Ernesto. I did have a surprise today, the postman delivered my replacement front fender from Taiwan. Last week while I was in a restaurant eating lunch a car hit my trike and cracked the front fender and bent some spokes. My bike shop replaced the spokes and checked the wheel, which was fine, but the fender had cracked badly. The worst part was the driver leaving the scene without telling me. The fender is now installed and the trike is back in shape. Just wish I could head out for a ride. My doctor gave me a different prescription for pain today, and I hope it works better than the last stuff. I only plan to take it at night and only when needed. I hate taking stupefying medications.

Back to the wheel cover project. Jamie from Baccura said he has some covers that he thinks will fit. He knows a local rider that has a AB Tadpole and he will try it on his trike. I hope this pans out. I guess I will find out in a few days or so.

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