Friday, August 04, 2006

Pleasant ride and good company.

This morning I met up with friends for a nice leisure ride through Princeton Forrestal Center. The ride consists of paved bike trails and smooth to rough roads with little or no traffic. We were going to start early but we ended up starting 45 minutes later. The weather was Sunny and a warm 85 degrees. The wind today was out of the NNW at 8 mph, and sometimes directly in my face. We were averaging around 13 mph and rode 12 and 3/4 miles. It would have been nice to go a little farther, but I had an appointment and it was very humid. Sol sure knows all the roads and trails in his area, I wish there was a map of them. If there was I would go more often, and ride these quiet paths. The ride was mostly flat to some gradual up grades for road crossing and railroad crossings, but a most were very short climbs.

Yesterday I bought a stationary recumbent bike to use during the winter months. This way it won't take weeks to get my bent legs back. I bought a Edge Fitness Cardio 6.0. It was two years old and looks like it was never used. Has 12 programs wear two are Cardio based on age etc. The other programs are just different fitness levels. The bench reclines for better riding comfort. I hope to get a lot of usage out of it.

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