Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Nice days for riding and chain tube swap

Yesterday my ride was 15 miles and totally uneventful. The temperature was a beautiful 82 degrees with a wind out of the NNW at 7 mph I started out late because of early morning showers. Today I went out a few minutes later, but I was able to do 17 miles before I had to head home and take care of business. The weather today is just beautiful, the temperature is 78 degrees and the wind is out of the NNE at 3 mph.

On today's ride I decided to detour from my usual route and try some of the new roads that have been put in over the last few years. Most of these roads are as smooth as glass and are very wide for a local street. Between some of these roads are multi-use paths about 7 foot wide and no kind of traffic at all. I think I will add some of these streets to my local route, but I have to check out distances so I might get an accurate count.

Yesterday while waiting for the early morning showers to stop I decided to replace my chain tubes with Teflon tubes to decrease chain line friction. The chain is now even quieter than before, so that means less drag, which means more power to the pedals.

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