Thursday, June 22, 2006

Into the frying pan!

This morning the sky was extremely cloudy and the weather report called for thunder storms. So I thought I would be smart and hold off until later. Big, Big mistake! The time I decided to get going the sun was high in the sky and it was very hot and humid. I still decided that I wouldn't be a sissy and hit the road. I was going to go to the canal area, but since it was late I stayed in my general area. I rode the local streets to the park, and a few laps around the park on the bike path. I then headed N on the bike path along Beekman Road then NE up route 27 toward Finigans lane. From there I hit my local loop and did the 2.5 mile loop 3 times, ending with a 12 mile ride for the day. During the course of the ride I did a few sprints up to 23 MPH and then cruised along at my normal speed. All in all it was a hot but a enjoyable ride. Tomorrow I won't be riding because Alayne and I are taking my daughter and grandson to Great Adventure for the day. I have to remember to put a pain patch on before we leave or I will spend the day in pain. I plan to ride on Saturday after I do some work around the house.

I had placed a few posts on the forums looking for a set of wheel fairings to cover the front wheels on the Black Widow. I have one guy in the bike club that has a set he is willing to part with. Once I find out the price I will make a decision on making the purchase. He is going to send me a few photos of them.

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