Saturday, August 22, 2015

Pain, Pain and more Pain, and did I say I am stupid?

Well about four days ago I decided to change my chain and go with a lighter KMC X9SL chain in gold finish. I ordered it from overseas as the price was very reasonable and it only took a week to get. during this period I also decided to hand wash my home, which is safer than Power washing but much more work. So it means washing each piece of siding with Murphy's Oil Soap doing a small section at a time starting from the bottom and rinsing each section. The results are much better than power washing. The problem with this is that it requires a huge amount of squatting and bending, which did a job on my legs, I did the front side and back in two days and still have one side. My legs are Charlie horse and very painful. I decided that I would install the chain and adjust it then ride. Well the plan was great, the chain job went easy about an hour installing and adjusting and lubing. The problem was the wind here is so strong I had to really use my legs and they hurt like hell. Next week I have to finish the other side of the house and expect to be in more pain. The chain is a beautiful thing and shifts great. I will let you know more after I ride some more. By the way I ride, then come home and walk another two miles, then again walk another two miles at night.

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