Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Unable to ride do to back injury and heavy wind.

I was going to ride today, but I didn't because my back is still giving me problems and the wind gusts are very strong. If there was no wind gusts I would have rode as my back feels good on the trike, but with strong winds I thought I might be putting to much pressure on my back trying to beat the wind.  I know my mental attitude is to push myself no matter what, so trying to be cautious I decided to forgo the fun and just exercise at home. Tomorrow after my allergy shots I will ride for sure weather permitting.

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Denise Sebesta Lanier said...

Hey Joel,

Sorry you're not feeling up to riding. The trick with wind is to ride it as if it were a steep hill, gear down & spin, spin, spin.

The other trick with wind is to ride with (not against) it, then have a friend pick you up & drive you home :)

Feel better soon & Happy trails,