Friday, July 19, 2013

No riding just adjustments and refinements

Yesterday and today were spent doing some derailleur adjustments and refinements to the trike.  The rear derailleur was just not shifting as smooth as it should, so the tech adjusted it and removed a link from the chain.  I also removed the tie-rod and cleaned it up before spraying it with Plasti-Dip Red Spray giving it a nice red rubber protective coating.  While I was at it I also sprayed the center hub caps on the front wheel hubs. It gives the trike some nice red accents.  I also have a red Silicone cover on my Garmin 500.  Now the trike isn't solid black, it is black and red.  The rear mudguard has red the flag pole has red accents on the bottom also. Below is the picture as it is now.  I had also moved the idlers toward the rear wheel about 4 inches giving more of a straight chain line.  I ordered a chain tube support from TerraCycle today to keep the chain tubes in position, it should be shipped soon.
Phase 17 of the Spider 2

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