Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Slight accident but a good ride anyway!

Today I started out to do my local fitness route, and was forced off the road by a guy making a U-Turn in someones driveway.  As he was backing out he didn't look my direction and forced me up onto the curb hitting my rear derailleur. I know there is some damage so it will need a slight bend , but I will leave that to my LBS.  The driver looked at me and said why was I speeding down the road and riding such a stuppid bike. I told him the speed was 25mph and I was doing 12 mph and I have a bright flashing light, orange cloths and a 6 foot flag. When he realized I was going to take his plate he took off. I couldn't read the plate as he has one of those anti-camera covers. Oh well another lesson to learn from. My stats are below.

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