Saturday, April 27, 2013

Long time between rides!

Well first it was the weather, then my beloved 5 year old cat got renal failure and I have no desire to ride.  I don't sleep at night, and all I do is worry about him.  I don't want him to suffer. He is eating well but is not urinating often, which leads to blood toxicity. The vet has told us that this is fatal and we should just try our best to make him happy and comfortable. He is very lethargic and playful as ever.  I think he knows, but he wants to be with us 24 hrs a day. Well lets get away from the sadness.

I rode today my usual training route as I had to burn some calories as all I have been doing is eating out of frustration.  I am surprised I didn't gain as much weight as I thought I would.  The weather was a bit breezy, but fine riding, I do feel better. I raised my tire pressure to the max amount and my speed has increased. Below is my stats.

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