Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Helmet camera purchased + accessories

In the last few days I have purchased the following Helmet Camera and accessories:
1. Contour Roam HD 1080p
2. Vented helmet mount
3. 32gb Class 10 SDHC Duracell Micro SD card
4. Lens protector with hood and 2 clear filters and cap
5. ND filter for above cap
I wasn't something I was planning on purchasing, but it is a project that I must complete.
Contour Roam POV Camera

Lens Protector & ND filter holder

Vented Helmet Mount

1 comment:

Aushiker said...

I have an early Contour HD 1080P which has gone from a helmet camera, to a handlebar camera and now to my rear facing camera on my commuter.

It is not a bad camera, has a few niggles now and then and is showing its age technology wise but other wise it has been a good buy.

All the best playing with your new toy :)