Thursday, December 20, 2012

The weather won't cooperate!

I had planned to ride this morning, and the weather looked good. The time I had breakfast and got my gear together the weather turned for the worst. The clouds turned very dark and the wind started to blow wildly. I decided to wait a little to see if the weather would improve, but it didn't.  I needed to buy the Nob computer mount, but my local LBS had to order one and it won't be there until after the new year.  I had only one choice, and that was to build my own.  I had an old dual mount which I took the Dremel tool to and shaped it to my needs, it looks real good.  I might make a few improvements to it but I will ride and see if it is positioned as I need it.

Last week I ordered a new headlight which is 1200 Lumen and has a 4400Mah rechargeable pack.
While I was at the light upgrades I added two Blackburn Mars Click Red rear Taillights one to each handlebar upright for additional 180ยบ protection.

I have also added an additional Brake light called the Maxxon Wireless Brake light which is an addition to the one I already have.  This light use an accelerometer to turn the light on when braking.

I also purchased the Cygolite  HotShot 2W USB flashing taillight.  This beauty can be charged from my computer and is truly bright.
This season has been an expensive one, new tires for the front and rear, a new Garmin Edge 500 with separate speed and cadence sensors.  Next season I will try to replace the seat and cushion and neckrest.

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