Monday, October 01, 2012

Technical Issues yesterday and partial issue today

Yesterdays ride was great until the cadence sensor failed on the Sigma, then after doing my 10.25 miles I turned off the Garmin Edge 500 and the file became corrupt and I was unable to recover the ride.  Today I rode and the file was intact, so I sum it up to possible user error. The cadence sensor is still broken, so if the new ANT+ speed sensor I receive today works, I will save and purchase a Ant+ cadence sensor. My ride stats are below.

UPDATE: After today's failure of the cadence sensor I did some searching on EBay and found a compatible ANT+ Cadence sensor made by Nightrider.  The price was great and it was brand new.  The owner and Nightrider support say it will work with the Garmin Edge 500.  I also found the Edge 500 to have a very reflective screen which makes it hard to see in bright sunlight, so I ordered a Lexerd Anti-Glare screen protector.  I am hoping the protector will make viewing easier.

The speed sensor came and I installed it this afternoon, and the 500 paired with it with no problems.  I ran a test and it worked fine. Tomorrow I will check a few things out in daylight.

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