Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Short ride do to rain

I got up this morning and viewed the weather forecast, and decided to head out as early as possible.  I left my home and the sun was shinning, but before I got 1/4 mile from the house the dark clouds covered the sky from horizon to horizon.  I felt it would be prudent to stay local.  So round and round I went up and down my local streets.  Speed was impossible as there were cars and sharp turns at each corner.  Under normal riding conditions I wouldn't care about sharp turns, but these turns were into busy streets.  At least I got to ride, that is all that is important.  It has been bad weather around here for days.  I installed the new tail light after taking it apart and realigning the Lasers that were installed improperly.  Once I got that task done I reassembled it and tested it out.  I was lucky the first alignment was correct.  I am loving my Garmin Edge 500, once I got accustomed to the different operating procedure things were much easier.  When I get a chance I will take some new photos and post them here and update my web page.  My riding stats are below.

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