Thursday, October 04, 2012

Great ride under dark clouds

I headed out as early as I could as the weather called for rain.  I wasn't able to complete my full ride as it started to pour and I made it home just in time for the downpour.  All in all it was a great ride and I was glad to get the ride in as the season is getting shorter. I rode 9.20 miles using the new ANT+ speed sensor and it seemed very consistent.  I still don't trust the elevation sensor, but I just set the base elevation yesterday, so it takes time to calibrate. My cadence sensor is going to be delivered today, that is what USPS estimated.  We shall see.  My ride stats are below:

UPDATE: The Cadence Sensor and the Anti Glare screen protector showed up this afternoon.  I installed the Screen Protector and the Cadence sensor, so far no problems.  The Garmin Edge 500 recognized the Cadence sensor and I then mounted it to the boom.  A few turns of the crank and the Cadence was registered on the Garmin.  Tomorrow I will ride and test it out, depending on the weather.

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