Wednesday, October 17, 2012

All in All a good ride

This morning I got a late start to my ride and was surprised it did have a effect on my performance.  I usually ride right after breakfast and my performance seems better, I have more energy. Of course this could all be just my mental perception.  Well the wind was not as strong as yesterday, but the ride felt harder.  I did have a good time riding, and look forward to more rides.  The trike needs to be brought in for a chain cleaning and gear adjustment, but that will be later on when it is to cold to ride.  My new headlight came yesterday and I installed it, it is nice and bright.  I had a problem with the mount slowly tilting forward on bumps, which was very annoying, but I added a rubber shim when I got home, so it should be fine now.  My ride stats are below.

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