Sunday, September 23, 2012

Negativity is my worst enemy

"Negativity is my worst enemy!" You might wonder why I would say such a thing, well I will tell you.  Last night my wife and I went for a usual Saturday might dinner, and as usual I indulged in loads of bread and butter my favorite.  I didn't get a restful sleep as my Acid Reflex was in full bloom and I was very uncomfortable. This morning I got up freshened up and weighed myself and found I had gained two pounds.  That was strike two on the negativity meter.  I said to myself "don't worry you will ride it off", well I had all intentions of trying my best to do just that.  I got dressed in my long cycling tights and a long sleeve whcking shirt and I was ready.  I had a breakfast of Special K High Protein, and I headed out.  I added air to my tires and headed down the road. First thing I noticed was that the wind was stronger and colder that the last few weeks and I didn't consider this as a negative, just a little more incentive.  I rode a few more miles and heard a dropping sound, I looked around my trike and noticed nothing until I was about a quarter mile farther down the road, then I noticed my GPS was missing.  I turned around and headed back, and again I was lucky and found the GPS intact in a location that under normal traffic would have been disastrous.  So I decided this was again not a negative.  I continued on hoping to complete the ride with nothing else to report.  But no it wasn't going to be that way.  As I continued on the wind got stronger and I was at the bottom of a hill and I could barely make it to the top.  I got to the top and found the road was closed and that meant I would have to detour up two more hills into the wind, then I became totally NEGATIVE.  The time I reached home I was tired and wet as a sponge.  OK enough of the negative talk.  My ride report is below. By the way I decided not to take the two hills and I went my usual route through the detour.

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