Saturday, September 29, 2012

Garmin Edge 500 test ride

Today was my first ride with the Garmin Edge 500 cycling GPS.  Comparing it to the Edge 305 is hard as they have only some of the same features. But all in all the Edge 500 is a fine tool.  My speed matched my cycling computer 99% of the time and all other settings matched my 305 except calories.  The only reason for that is that I had the 305 setup with 40lbs of gear instead of 15lbs. So it throws the calculation way off.  The mount on the 500 is far superior to that of the 305.  I do have to learn not to press the lap button on the 500 as it then divides the ride into segments.  I ordered a ANT+ speed sensor to make my speed more accurate under trees, and that will be here Monday.  I designed and built a mount for the new speed sensor, I hope it works.  At least it didn't fall off today.

The weather today was down right ugly, dark and threatening.  The whole time I was riding I was expecting it to rain, but it didn't.  The wind was strong and the fog was ever present.  I had all my flashers and lights on so I did feel I could be seen.

My ride stats are below.

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