Sunday, September 09, 2012

Calorie Burning ride after a big Saturday night meal

After having a big meal on Saturday night I always feel guilty, I know I shouldn't, but I do!  I usually gain around a pound to a pound and one half, and I am not over weight, but the less I weigh the better my back feels.  So today's ride was devoted to burning some calories.  The usual headwinds did help in that respect, by putting a lot of resistance in my path.  But all in all I did enjoy my ride, and look forward to the next one.

Friday afternoon I went into the Garage and found I had a flat on my left front tire.  I looked and looked for a cause, but I had to dismount the tire to look at the tube.  I removed the tube and put air in it and the air held. Strange I thought so I looked harder and finally I jiggled the valve around and found a hole around an 1/8" from the base of the valve.  I thought to my self "These are cheap tubes, could that be the reason?" Well I can't afford to take a chance so I ordered two Schwalbe #6 tubes hoping that they would be better. Schwalbe staff are great to work with, and the order shipped the same day.

My front left rotor is still rubbing slightly, so this week it goes back to the shop. Maybe this time they can get it right.

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