Monday, May 21, 2007

Today's ride report and news.

I have nothing new to report regarding my son David's condition, he is regaining his strength, but his digestive system has not started to function as of yet. He is still on an intravenous diet and he needs to expel some gas before they could start feeding him a solid diet. The two drains on each side of his body are still draining, but the doctor says that is normal. I was hoping that he would be out of the hospital by Wednesday, but if he doesn't eat they will not release him. My own personnel thought regarding him not eating is that the longer he doesn't put strain on his intestines the further his intestinal wounds will heal. But I am not a doctor.

Now to the ride report! These freaky winds are enough to make riding a hard job. Today the winds were coming from the North at 20mph with gusts exceeding 25mph. I rode 10.07 miles which was 10 miles shorter than I hoped to ride. I burnt 469 calories and my average speed was 12.54mph and my top speed was 20.25mph. Other than the wind the weather was perfect for riding, the temperature was a great 72 degrees. Tomorrow I will not ride as I am driving Kate into the city so that we can visit David in the hospital.

I had a chance to evaluate the new Mt Borah shorts, and I am very happy with the purchase. The elastic leg grips on the liner felt tight at first, but after a minute wearing them, they were very comfortable. The two shock chords on the legs of the outer shell did a excellent job of preventing ballooning while riding. The liner was very soft against my skin not like the mesh of a bathing suit. I had a pair of cycling shorts with that type of liner and I was terribly uncomfortable. There are two side pockets that have hidden zippers, that are great to carry cash, my cell phone and even some energy bars if necessary. The shorts do not ride up while riding which some shorts do have a tendency to do, and is very annoying. The waist has a hidden pull chord for adjustment, which I did not need or use. All in all these are very nice shorts. I have washed them , and I am going to rack dry them and see how long it takes to dry. The shorts out of the washer were almost dry after the spin cycle, so I expect these to dry in an hour or so.

The other day while riding I was having a problem with my speakers for my Adeo GPS Trainer and the iPod Shuffle. The sound was crackly and annoying, which I at first attributed to weak batteries. So I changed the batteries, and in a few minutes the noise started again. I then decided to check the chord that travels from the handlebar of the trike to the speakers on the rear rack. While jiggling it around the noise stopped, so I thought it was the right angle adapter I have on it, so I went to Radio Shack and purchased a new adapter. I started to ride and the same thing happened again, this time I plugged the cable directly into the Adeo and not into the 90 degree adapter, and sure enough the noise was gone. For some strange reason the angle adapter is putting a strain on the audio jack of the Adeo and making poor contact. I was told to use an angle because it would keep the cable lower than the antenna of the Adeo. But lucky for me I still get an excellent signal and there is no problems with the straight cable. I bought some rechargeable batteries, so that I can always have a fresh set ready when needed, but I have a old style long charger so it takes 8 hrs to charge the four batteries.

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