Saturday, May 19, 2007

Surgery and other news updates.

Thursday my son had his Crohn's surgery at Mt. Sinai in NYC. The surgery took about 3.5 hours, and he came through it well. His doctor told us that there was a lot more damage than she expected to see, as a bad section of intestine was hidden behind another damaged area. She did it Arthroscopic which means a smaller incision and less recuperation time. He looked pretty bad after surgery, but most people don't look great. Yesterday we went back to the hospital and he was doing great, he still had the tube in the nose, but they removed it today and he is feeling stronger every day. Today his in-laws are spending the day there, so we will go back to the hospital tomorrow. The traveling and sitting for that many hours is killing my back, but we want to be with him, so I can take the pain.

This afternoon the package from Sigma USA containing the replacement computer came and I promptly set it up. I am looking forward to riding some this week, but that depends on the weather, and how my son is doing. Yesterday after returning from the hospital I found the package from Mt Borah containing my new shorts waiting on the doorstep. I tried them on and they feel fine other than the leg grippers of the lining. They are real snug, but no more snug than my cycling shorts. I will ride with them on my next ride, and let you all know what I think of them.

My Scorcher TR tires are wearing well and very even, but the wear indicators are slowly disappearing. When they are gone it will mean that I will have to purchase new ones. As of now another set of Scorcher TR tires is what I will purchase. they have given me a lot of bulletproof miles, and that is what is needed in a good tire.

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