Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ride Report and steering test

At 10:00am I started my test ride of the steering modification, I combined two routes totaling 15.10 miles. My average speed was 11.69 mph and my top speed was 22.8 mph. The temperature was a nice 67 degrees with the wind out of the NNE at 5-7mph. I burnt 703 calories, and I tried to do both sprints and leisure riding. The testing went fine as I tried to do a few different things to see how the trike would handle. For the first time I tried to lean steer the trike with very good results, gradual turns and wide turns I had no problems and had complete control. I was not ready to attempt to do sharp 90 degree turns. I was never able to do that with the original steering or with the steering cones installed, so this is a big surprise. Not that I am going to be riding any distance doing that, but it proves the steering geometry is following the true Ackerman design. After the final design brackets are installed am thinking of removing the front fenders, as I rarely ride in wet weather. It would lighten my load by I guess 3 lbs. If I remove them, it will mean a redesign of the speed sensor mount. I can't even think about that until the bracket design is finalized. I will continue pushing the trike steering in order to find any flaws, but so far everything is testing out fine.

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