Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ride report and other garbage.

This morning I headed out for my ride and the temperature was a nice 62 degrees and when I returned it was 73 degrees. The winds were a very strong 33mph coming from the WSW. At times riding was very hard and my legs sure felt it. I rode 20.01 miles with an average speed of 12.24mph and a peak speed of 29.60mph. Total calories burnt was 933.

y speaker system had a huge amount of static, so on my return loop I replaced the batteries with the same result. I was playing with the audio cable and the static would go away. I removed the 90 degree plug and used the straight audio plug and the sound was gone. I went to Radio Shack and replaced the 90 degree plug, and when I ride next I will see for sure.

After I showered I did a roll down test to get the millimeter size for my tires so that I could set up the new computer when it arrives. I also did a turning circle test with the steering modification. The results of a full 180 degree turn was 8'-0". Now to be fair, I rounded it to 9'0" as everyone has a different width body and I had the steering bar touching my left thigh. Also I would never try this at high speed as I know I would dump the trike.

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