Thursday, April 26, 2007

What did I do today.

The weather has been a bit nasty out and of course when the rain is on the way my back is causing me lots of discomfort. But that is par for the course. When my back is bothering me like it is today, I do not attempt to ride, and i sit like a vegetable. I try to keep myself busy and today I decided to do some basic maintenance on the trike. The first thing I did was run the chain for about ten while holding a clean rag around it. I wanted to get any road grime off the chain. Next I used the California duster to remove any dust and surface grime. After getting the dust off I looked for any nicks in the frame, and found none. I applied some Turtle Wax Color Cure wax to the trike. This wax is colored black and if there is a hidden nick it covers it and blends with the frame. Last but not least I wiped the wheels down and checked the condition of the tires. Found nothing to worry about.

The week before last on the 12 of May I ordered a Quick Stick Stik which is a tire iron that is supposed to make tire repair very easy. As of yet I have not received it. I have contacted the company and they told me if it doesn't arrive by Friday, I should contact them and a new one would be shipped out. I also put a bid on EBay for a new water bottle, as mine is getting very funky. I bid on a Zefal alloy bottle, and am hoping I win it, but if not I will find it somewhere els. As soon as I dig out the carbon bottle cage I will install it and update the blog and my web page showing my new mount.

By the way I have removed the alarm from a permanent mount on the trike to a mount where I can easily remove and store the in the panniers. I decided that even if it is temporally mounted and touched it goes into alarm, so no need for a permanent mount. I have it mounted with a Velcro buckle which takes a little time to remove, more than long enough for me to get to the trike. The other day the trike was outside the bike store with the alarm mounted and set. Someone brushed against the trike and the Alarm went off, I was out side in seconds and the guy told me what happened, so I know now it works and is practical.

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