Friday, April 13, 2007

Today's News Update

This morning I took the trike out after I aligned it properly and moved the tie-rod to the top of the brackets. The handling was excellent, but there was a tendency to pull into the turn on tight turns. The turning circle was an amazing 10'7" from outside of tire to outside of tire and 7' 10" from outside to inside of tire. This test proved that I need to move to the next size longer bracket, which means I have to disassemble the steering tomorrow morning. I am hoping the same security bracket will fit this extension bracket. I will also go through the process of realignment of the front end, a process by itself.
This afternoon my package from Alfred E. Bike came containing my new set of Axiom Monsoon panniers. I ordered the panniers in the Gray/Black and it looks real nice on the Black Widow. They are large enough without being to large and taking away from the sleek design of the trike. The panniers are waterproof and well made. The hardware is very simple but well thought out. It is supposed to come with extra hardware, but it was not provided, so I contacted Alfred E. bike and they said they will check it out and either order me a new set from Axiom or from the supplier. I will post a photo here in the next few days.

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