Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Steering Modification Tests.

Today the Prototype modification for the steering came from Tom. I first wanted to get some control tests done so I marked the ground on the outside of each tire, then made a 180 degree turn and when I was exactly opposite the two chalk lines I marked again the outside of each tire. The measurement of a tight locking turn (Where my handlebars were touching my body and the tires were scrubbing real bad) was 16'-6". I then installed the kit and made sure the alignment was close to correct. I then aligned the tires with the first two chalk lines and repeated the 180 degree turn and again marked the outside of each tire. The measurement was now a nice tight 12'. A real big improvement. The weather is preventing me from proceeding with other tests, so when the weather improves I will continue my evaluation of the kit. I have taken two photos showing the prototype brackets installed.

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