Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Predictions come true!

Well Friday the 20th of April has gone and as I predicted FedEx didn't show up with the chemicals I needed to treat the parts for the steering modification. Again they gave all types of excuses and lies as to why it didn't show up. First they told me that the package had to be repackaged so there was a delay, then they told me that the package would still be on time. finally I found out from an employee that the package was misrouted to the wrong state so it lost a full day. Finally after speaking to a supervisor they said it will be here Monday. I asked if they could get it out for Monday morning, but they said they don't think so.

Today I will reassemble the trike so that I can take a ride tomorrow, with the original steering configuration. I am not happy about this whole mess, I was prepared for doing the job on Friday, but things happen.

With all the assembly and disassembly of the front steering I realized that I need a good set of metric hex wrenches, so I bought a 9 piece set of Spin Doctor T handle wrenches from Performance Bicycle. I have to decide if I want to do the next project now or later, as free shipping is available at Nashbar.

he whole week was spent baby sitting the house painter while he painted the hallways and guest room, I am glad this was finished, as I have cabin fever. Today my daughter and grandson are coming to spend the day so riding today is out of the question. On Monday I will post the results of the FedEx fiasco.

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