Monday, April 16, 2007

More tweaking and moving to next step.

As the weather here is as nasty as could be, I spent the morning adjusting and refining the safety bracket on the steering. I felt the safety bracket was pulling the main bracket forward rather than keeping it at 90 degrees to the kingpin. After a little work with the Dremel tool it aligned perfectly. The next step is to remove them from the trike and strip them of the paint finis which is chipping off anyway. Tom found that Gun blue/black finish should work on the main bracket and Gun Black will work on the Aluminum bracket, so I ordered some from the Bass Shop. As soon as the finish is in , I will remove the brackets and dip them in paint remover and clean them very well. I then will refinish both bracket sets. The blued and blackened finish should look nice and last a lot longer than paint. I think I will even coat the washers, nuts and maybe the bolts. Tom is not sure if he will market the steering upgrade kit unless he has 10 people that commit to buying it as a full kit or as a partial kit minus the tie-rod ends. I can understand his reluctance to spend the cash without knowing that he could sell them. Tomorrow morning I will go to Home Depot and purchase some paint remover, so that I will be ready when the finishing material arrives. The Bass Shop told me that my finishing stuff will be here Monday of next week. So I don't have to rush.

My water bottle mount project is on hold for a short while, until i decide a course to go. I will update the blog as I proceed.

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