Friday, April 27, 2007

A lousy day for anything but sleep!!!!

It started raining yesterday afternoon and hasn't stopped yet. It is cool and damp and that means pain for me. I have been thinking about another project for the trike, but so far haven't come up with anything productive. The Zefal thermal water bottle I ordered has shipped this morning, but the Quick Stick Stic from the same company has not shown up. I am afraid it is long gone. Josh at JMar said they will ship a new one if I hadn't received it by today. I just sent Josh an email informing him of the situation. Hopefully he ships another out tomorrow. As I write this I have received another email from Josh informing me that he is shipping another today with delivery conformation. Talk about quick service.

This morning I sent a email to the mayor of our town asking why 6 towns in Middlesex county applied for grants to build or improve bike and walking paths, while our town didn't. I explained that the population in the town has grown steadily and the autos on the road are increasingly making it more dangerous for walking or cycling. I told him that as we build more homes we should be joining these areas and especially our parks with bike paths that are paved and handicapped accessible. I will be very surprised if I even get a response, but I doubt that I will even get that. There are many bike paths that are for Mountain bikes and dirt bikes, but none for bikes or people in wheelchairs. I think in general this state is not a bike friendly state and our town is surely not.

I guess you can see by the above paragraph I am bored and looking for things to do. When I get like this I become even more political than normal. In a week I usually send out at least one or two email to our Senators and Congressman regarding many subjects. Most often I do get a response, but when I send one that tells them they are not doing there job I get none. I guess this is a sign of the times.

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