Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Good day for a ride.

This morning early I went out for a local ride that ended up being a mystery ride. While I was out riding my rear dérailleur started to skip and jump, I just had it fixed yesterday. So in my travels I decided to ride the trike over to Halters Cycle, but since I wasn't sure of the route that would be most direct, I winged it. I then realized that my granny gears were the ones giving me problems, and I would have to ride in a non suitable gear range. I was committed as I had already climbed the largest of the three hills. It was a climb of 190' in less than a quarter mile. When I got there Jason was very busy and Chris had not shown up to work yet. Jason said he would get to me real soon, and as he started to work on my trike Chris came and took over. He had found that the limit B screw was in too far, and it now works fine. I started the trip home a little tired, but happy it was fixed. I rode 15.35 miles at an average speed of 11.54 and a max speed of 24.0. I burnt 715 calories.

When I got home my set of Allen Keys had been delivered, so I was able to disassemble the steering and start painting. In a matter of hours I has the brackets primed and painted and I then waited 2 hours to dry. I was able to install the brackets in a short time using the new wrenches. I think the brackets came out real nice. But judge for yourself.

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