Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Upgrade of fender and computer mount.

After installing the Sigma BC 1606L computer with cadence, I realized that my fender mounts needed to be upgraded. The thoughts behind this was that they are very flexible and the computer speed sensor had to be mounted in a very precarious position, hanging down below the tie-rod. That alone made the upgrade necessary. I had some very lite weight powder coated Aluminum tubing which would work as the outer support for the fenders and computer sensor. So I proceeded to take some measurements of the space between the two angle supports for each fender, which were exactly the same, which I should have known. I then used a tubing cutter to cut each tube to its proper length. I then disassembled each fender mount and slipped the tube over each support and reassembled each side. I checked for tightness and mounted the sensor on the right support. not only does it look good it can now serve another purpose. Below is the photograph of the right support looking through the wheel at the support, sensor and magnet. I will have to update my web page after I take additional photographs.
As you can see in the photograph that the sensor is now in a vertical position as it should be, plus it is easier to get to the battery when necessary. The more I think about it the more i realize that my web page needs to be updated a good amount. Tomorrow I will see what I need to do.

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