Friday, March 09, 2007

Q-Rings Ordered and other thoughts.

On Monday I ordered the set of Q-Rings, the inner 40t and the outer 52t. I will have to have a friend take me to my LBS then pick me up after they are installed. My SUV will be in the shop for three weeks getting body work done from yesterdays accident. The cost for the front end damage is $4,102.00. I am going to be lost without the SUV, but at least I will have a rental car so I am not stranded at home.

After getting the Archos 504 helmet camera system, found I was in a slight dilemma, which was where to store the system when not in use. And I have found the solution after a Google search. The case is from a company called Case Club. They have a very nice selection of cases. This case was very inexpensive at $10.88 and $8.00 to ship. The case is made of ABS plastic and has a pluck foam insert.

During my research into the helmet cameras, I found out that many users of helmet systems have added a 2.5mm wide angle lens to the camera. These lenses are available at prices starting at $12.00 US to $40.00 US. Many companies have these lenses, but I couldn't find out about which is better than another. For all I know they can all be the same. The Archos helmet camcorder seems to be built around a Sony CCD as well as most others. The camera has a standard 12mm thread as do the lenses.

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