Thursday, March 15, 2007

Q-Rings Installed and other news!

At 11:00 this morning my friend Paul picked me and my trike up to take us to Halters Cycles to have my 40t and 52t Q-Rings installed. It took them about an hour to install them. Jason and Chris each took a ride to test them out. Jason has installed them on his single speed and on his road bike, so he knew how they should feel. I then had my chance to try them out, and they felt perfect and I seemed to have a lot more power and speed. I normally don't get a chance to ride on the flats so I can't say how fast I could go. But today I reached 30Mph without killing myself. I am sure Jason and Chris could get it even faster since they are hard chore bikers, that ride in the rain, snow or anything else nature has to offer. Between the Ultegra cranks and the Q-Rings, this got to be the best upgrade yet.

While I was there I had Chris change the tube on the rear and add True Goo to the tube. He also adjusted the front and rear dérailleurs. The front had to be raised a little to accommodate the 52t Q-Ring, and the rear just needed adjustment. They also lubricated my SpeedPlay Frog pedals and tightened the left fender mount. While I was there I tried out a Bell Faction helmet which is certified CSPC bicycle certified and ASTN 1492 certified. I ordered it in Burnt Orange.

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