Saturday, March 10, 2007

My shoulder holster has arrived.

Early this afternoon the door bell rang and it was the postman with a package for me to sign for. It turns out that the package from Urban Tool in Canada arrived days earlier than expected. My first impression when I opened the envelope was that this is packed very professional. It comes in a very nice thick zipper vinyl bag, to store it when not in use. I quickly removed the holster from the bag and took a closeup look. The holster is made of a spandex like material which stretches where necessary and looks real nicely constructed. I took a quick examination of the different pockets to see which was the pocket that the Archos would be held. The pocket is not just a pocket it also has a sealing flap to hold the device in, all the better as I feared the Archos would fall out. There is a pathway from the large pocket to thread the cable from the camera and remote to the shoulder which worked real well. I threaded the cable down from the retractable key ring down the shoulder band to the compartment. The Archos fits in with the docking adapter with no room to spare, and then I plugged the remote cable into the Archos. In operation I will open the flap and turn the Archos on and close the flap, from then on the remote will activate the camera, and that is all there is to it. Up near the shoulder just above where the cable exits the holster there is a loop to clip on the remote control for the camera.

Looking further at the holster there is a pocket for my cell phone and a elastic for a pen. There is also as mentioned above a retractable key holder which will come in very handy. On the inside next to my body is a compartment sealed with Velcro to hold a small wallet or just some cash. The portion that goes behind my neck and to my left shoulder is adjustable and has padding for comfort. There is also a nylon snap buckle to make it easier to remove. I sat back in my office chair to see what would happen with the Archos in its pocket. To my delight nothing happened and my office chair was reclined farther than my seat on the trike. In further examination I have decided that I will not carry my phone in the holster as it isn't easy to get the flap open and it wouldn't be to safe trying while moving or better yet stopping since I don't talk on the phone while riding. The pocket at the bottom which is for the phone will be used to hold the camera when not connected to my helmet, or when I leave the trike. All in all I would rate the Urban Tool Basic holster five stars and a useful buy.

he only thing that I am waiting for at this time is the camera mount from Viosport. That is due here on Tuesday. As in the prior post I will need the case to hold it all, but that will have to wait.

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