Monday, March 26, 2007

A Good Start!

This afternoon the Sports Instruments ALTA Altimeter showed up, it took a full seven days from Oklahoma City, longer than it took from Hong Kong. Well I am just glad it is here, and now how to operate this thing. It looks like I will have a huge amount of reading to do. I don't think I will get the full use out of it, but it does have the information I need.

The photograph on the left shows how the command and control panel for the trike looks as it is with the new altimeter and computer. The Adeo is on the left steering arm, but not in this photo, but in the photo above. Notice the iPod Shuffle plugged into the Adeo. Both the Adeo and the iPod Shuffle are mounted in the Motion case from MotionLingo.

Found out that my SUV should be ready on Wednesday so I can turn in the rental car, which will be my pleasure, as the car was a junker. Tomorrow should be nice trike riding weather and I will be out there as early as possible. Halters called and found out that my new helmet will also arrive tomorrow, looking forward to that.

A few days ago MotionLingo added there community, so that users of the Adeo can share ride and other information. They also have the charts working nicely, which is a great plus. Tomorrow I will again start testing the Beta 2.0 software. Nathan and Owen are doing a great job, under a lot of pressure. I know how hard it is to juggle a tray full of work. I am very curious as what Jeff Lovejoy the President and founder of the company has in store for the Adeo. The Adeo is great now, but has even greater potential.

I have had the Q-Rings for such a short time, but I can already tell how much they have improved my ride. I have decided that as soon as I have some extra cash I am going to order the 3ot Q-Ring to complete my set. I don't like the feeling of the 30t round ring after shifting from the Q-ring. Now just to save the cash. The people at Rotor have earned my respect. Not only do they produce a great line of products, they have a knowledgeable group of employees, that love the sport.

Tom from the ActionBent forum has been working on a new design for the steering linkage which so far looks like a fantastic upgrade. It reduces the turning circle to 12'6" from 15'6" a huge difference. The upgrade will also reduce tire scrub, which is a fantastic thing by itself. As soon as he sends me some parts I will be testing it. I can't wait, as this should increase the efficiency of my work outs. Tom thinks it will be a few weeks until he has the tie-rod made and the brackets. As the testing goes on I will update the subject according to my thoughts.