Friday, March 23, 2007

For a change, the waiting game!

As I have written in a prior post, I had purchased a Sports Instruments Alta Altimeter. as of yet the package has not shown. It was purchased and paid for on the 18th and it is coming from Oklahoma City. It was written in the advertisement that shipping is two days, but we no better than that. I have contacted the seller twice asking for the tracking number, and he responded with an email requesting all the sales information including Paypal transaction number. I responded with all the information, and he didn't respond, so I just sent him another request for the tracking number. I am curious if he will answer this request. His EBay rating is 99.1% positive, and he has 4,0879 sales made. I will just sit and wait until Monday, and see if I can contact him.

In the meantime I have installed the addition Minoura Besso accessory mount on the right hand bar-end and moved the Sigma pulse monitor to that lower position. I will install the altimeter on the upper accessory pod allowing that to be more primary along with the computer.

We are supposed to have some better weather next week, and I am looking forward to getting out on the trike. As I write this it is raining pretty hard, and it is real damp which makes my back very uncomfortable and down right painful. If it was dry and I was in pain I would ride the trike and the Endorphins relieve lots of the pain.

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