Monday, March 12, 2007

First ride in a while.

Today was my first ride in a bunch of weeks, and my first after the car accident. Well to say the least I am hurting a little, but not from muscle pains, but from the accident. Not as much as I thought, so the Endorphins must be working. I rode 10.05 miles at an average speed of 13.24 and a peak speed of 23.80 miles per hour. I burnt 468 calories which I needed to burn real bad. The weather was perfect for riding, it was 54 degrees and the wind was 1 mile per hour coming from the South.

The main purpose of this ride was to test the new Beta firmware for the Adeo GPS Trainer. There is still a one tenth of a mile error when the Adeo reports distance. Not a bigt deal, but when the Adeo is set up for 1/4 mile distance updates it reads 6.24 instead of 6.25 etc. Like I said not a big deal. I am sure Motionlingo will have a fix real soon. The people at Motionlingo are a pleasure to deal with and they have even added Recumbent Trike to the list of activities.

I purchased a screen protector from JAVOedge as I have used them before for my PDA and felt they were well made. I also purchased a case from the Case Club to hold and protect the Archos when I am not using it. I have modified the Urban Tool Basic holster by removing the pen holder which creates one large pocket instead of two pockets. The reasoning behind this was so that the Archos fits in the holster vertically and goes in easier. I also added Velcro to the opening allowing for a safer closing of the holster compartment.

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