Friday, March 30, 2007

Early Morning Post but more too come Later!

I have a few subjects I would like to cover. The first is regarding my Archos 504 and the Helmet Camcorder. I realized after my first video that the camera mount the way it was built was useless. It probably good for the camera made for it, but for the Archos Helmet camcorder it is not. The camera would rotate in the mount making much of the video garbage. I decided that the Viosport Universal Mount could be adapted to my purpose. I first tried using Tie-Wraps around the camera and around the mount. This created an unsightly mess, which was not acceptable to my likes. While asleep last night I came up with an idea, which was slightly risky, but worth the try. My idea meant that I would have to drill four holes in the base of the Universal Mount and thread two Tie-Wraps through the holes and around the camera and base. So this morning I got out the drill and proceeded to drill the holes. The mount idea worked out nice, now I have a secure and stable mount.
The next subject is regarding to security of the trike and all I carry. After a slight incident I felt that this is a priorty item and I decided that a combination of a lock and an alarm would solve the problem. As of yet I haven't replaced the antiquated lock I have, but I will get one soon. The alarm I purchased from a company in Canada is called the Ducharme Digital lock. It is activated by a combination of presses to its control panel. Along with the alarm I needed a way to mount it to the dérailleur post or the handle bar. The only feasible way was using the Minoura Bottle mount which has a band iron that goes around the post or handle bar, providing two threaded holes for the alarm.
I am very concerned that when I go into the store to get a bottle of water, or go to relieve myself, i would have to take everything off the trike which would be a pain in the neck, plus very time consuming. I think now with the combination of a lock and alarm I will be securing the trike the best way possible.

Later today I am hoping to get a ride in, but that will depend on if my SUV is ready to pick up from the body shop or not. It was going to be ready Wednesday, but certain parts were not available. They said that the parts should be in by noon and then I can have it today, but i think that won't happen.

UPDATE: Today's ride consisted of a low impact ride of 16.58 miles over local hills and some flat areas. Total elevation gained over the course of the ride was 128'. The skies were clear with a bright sun, and the temperature was 53 degrees. The winds were around 6 Mph but the gusts were near 20 Mph out of the North North West. I burnt 773 calories on this workout.

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