Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What's Here and What's not!

Yesterday afternoon I received a package from Be Seen Wear which contained my new Fiberglass whip. The whip is made of a fluorescent fiberglass material.

Yesterday I also ordered a pair of traffic control gloves, that have reflective triangular patches so that they can be use to give hand signals while riding. These gloves are made by Hatch Corp. I purchased them from OMB's Express police Supply who has excellent prices on these gloves. I am hopping they ship this week and it should take a few days to receive.
Sometime today a package containing the 32oz bottle of True Goo should arrive, and when I am at the bike shop next I will purchase a new tube for the 559 rear tire and insert the True Goo. The tube in there now contains Slime, which has clogged the valve and making it very hard to inflate.

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