Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Some thoughts!

Last evening my new Ultegra triple crank set was shipped. I received the usual email with a tracking number, but as usual it is USPS ! There system always says that they "received information that the package will be dropped off for shipping." So in other words I don't know if it really left Alabama. I have no reason to think it didn't, but I hate the USPS system of tracking.

I visited my LBS in order that he can order the Bottom Bracket for the new cranks. But Shimano in there stupid way did not have the Ultegra BB-6500 that I wanted, so I had to pay extra for the Dura-Ace BB-7703. My LBS as well as other bike shops and supplier contacts say that Shimano rarely continues making parts after a new version comes out. So to sum it up, if I need a part for this crank or Bottom Bracket I will have to replace both if needed. That is what is called built in obsolesces, and huge profits for Shimano. It is the same way that Shimano technical support tells us that a ten speed crank will not work on a nine speed chain and front dérailleur's, but we all know it does without any problems.

I have decided to change the middle chain ring and exchange it for a Q-Ring of 40 teeth with a BCD of 130mm. I think the combination of the 165mm cranks and the 40 tooth Q-Ring will make my pedaling much more efficient. I hope to have my LBS install them using the instructions on the Rotor site. As I get closer to installing them I will update the Blog. I hope to do this by the middle of March.

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