Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ride Report

This morning I headed out for my ride and the temperature was 40 degrees. The wind was extremely strong with a speed of 14 Mph with gusts exceeding 20 Mph coming from the NNW. I did a different loop through Kendall Park with a total distance of 15.21 miles. My average speed was 13.09 and I burnt 713 calories. My elevation gain for this ride was 171.69 feet.

Today was my first ride using the Radical Design Panniers and I am impressed. There is no wind resistance since they sit tucked behind the seat and my body. There is less wind noise do to there shape. So far I like them very much, and they sure hold enough. I did my shopping with them today and there was plenty of room left over.

My riding partner (Adeo) is nice to have along for the ride she keeps on pushing me to my limits and I enjoy the ride a huge amount more.

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