Monday, December 11, 2006

Ride report for Monday

This morning when the temperature reached 39 degrees I headed out for my local ride and some local shopping. I rode on local roads with moderate climbs totaling 240 feet gained. My distance was 14.21 miles at an average speed of 12.29 Mph. According to the Adeo Trainer I burnt 666 calories at a moderate exercise level. I have found that since I started using the Adeo my average speed has increased a little on each ride.

Today was a full test of the SlipStreamz ear protectors, and found that they work, but I must increase the volume of the Adeo so I could hear well enough to understand the commands. I am also wearing a beanie that covers my ears so the sound has to penetrate that layer also. The SlipStreamz reduced much of the wind noise, but not totally. I have adjusted the straps on my Bell Metropolis helmet so the SlipStreamz are located just right. I will report tomorrow on how the adjustments worked.

UPDATE: This afternoon the postman delivered the set of speakers I ordered from Hong Kong last week via EBay. I mounted the speakers on the rear rack and then connected the Adeo, the sound is great and my MP3's also sounded excellent. I am looking forward to a riding test tomorrow. But if they sound anything like they sounded this afternoon I will be very happy. This amplified system runs on 4 AAA batteries. Picture below shows the speakers mounted on the rear rack.

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