Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Radical Designs Panniers have arrived!

This morning and part of the afternoon was spent waiting for the UPS truck to arrive. At 2:00 PM the truck came and dropped my new red panniers off. It took a few minutes adjusting the straps and transferring the contents of the old panniers to the new Radical Design Panniers. These new panniers are a huge step up from my old Nashbar panniers. They each hold 20 liters and are much larger than the old ones. After transferring the contents I found that I had a huge amount of additional space left for when I go shopping. These panniers have a sloppy look when not full, but that is the nature of the beast. I am not sure how much different the Medium or Large panniers would be. Tomorrow if the weather holds out I will take them for a spin, and see how much it has changed the ride. I doubt it will change anything, but there might be a little drag, from the wind. I really don't think I will notice anything.
I am still contemplating the purchase of the Windwrap XT fairing and mounts, but that will not be for a while. Right now I want to spend my time on my training, which will be a little hard if the weather does not cooperate.

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