Monday, December 04, 2006

First True Ride using Adeo GPS Companion

Early this afternoon I left on my daily ride with all intentions of giving the Adeo a workout. I didn't start off to well, and it was not the a problem with the Adeo but just plain old user error. I had started the ride, and acquired the satellites, but forgot to press the start workout button, so after two miles according my regular bike computer I started over. This time I pressed the start workout button and was greeted with a friendly voice and at a perfect volume to hear over the traffic and wind.

The Adeo acquired the satellites in less than a minute, and the signal was good according to Adeo. It found 6 satellites and sometimes 7 and 8. The ride was through local tree lined streets and rows of homes and the signal was still good. In one area the tree cover even in winter was very heavy and the Adeo still gave me 6 satellites with a fair to good signal. So far I was genuinely elated to how well the Adeo worked.

uring the ride the Adeo routinely told me my current speed my average speed and my peak speed which they call pace. It also told me my elevation, but I wish it gave me total climb, but you can see that at the end of the ride on the graph. But I will make that suggestion to the rather nice people at MotionLingo and see if when they update there firmware it could be added. I ride alone very often and the Adeo voice is like having a ridding companion along the way. Now that I have had a chance to use the Adeo I made some changes in my Adeo to suit my own style of riding. I do highly recommend the Adeo to anyone that is serious about their sport. Another note is that you can setup 3 different routines, so if you run, mountain bike or road bike or possibly even hiking you can have a personal trainer for each.

After I was home I uploaded my ride to the computer and then to the MotionLingo site where I was able to map out the ride using Google maps. Real nice for making a trip ticket.

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