Saturday, December 23, 2006

Adeo Beta Firmware Update.

This morning when the rain stopped I figured I had the 30 minutes necessary to finalize the Adeo firmware Beta installation. After the software was installed on my Adeo I went outside as instructed and mounted the Adeo on my trike with the ear phones unplugged and turned the Adeo on. I watched a waited from afar to watch for the orange light to turn off, the sign that the upgrade was complete. On then plugged the speakers in and turned on the Adeo then pressed the start workout button to acquire the satellites. The pressing the start workout button is a new procedure not on the last version of firmware. After doing this I expected at least a minute for the Adeo to find the satellites and lock on to them. But this time it took only a few seconds for the Adeo to say "Satellites found, press start workout button". A vast speed increase, when the weather and the time allows I will take the Adeo out on the road for a test. Maybe I can ride tomorrow morning and do this. I am hopping that this quick response is now standard. I will update the Blog when the test is complete. I also expect the rounding error to be fixed in this upgrade. The problem showed after 5.75 miles the Adeo would announce the distance traveled at 5.99 not 6.0 as it should and each quarter mile after that it would be off also. This I was told was fixed in this Beta version 2.0 firmware.

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