Tuesday, November 07, 2006

UpdatesContinue Part 3.

As I was unable to ride do to commitments and illness I had plenty of time to think about the direction I will go regarding upgrades to the Black Widow. I was forced to change the Minoura SpaceBar as it was getting old and wouldn't stay straight on the dérailleur tube. I replaced it with a Minoura SwingGrip which I am not so sure it will withstand my critical views. Only time will tell! I thought hard about replacing it with the TerraCycle accessory mount, but it was a huge difference in cost. The TerraCycle mount would have cost $50.00 US plus shipping and the Minoura mount was $13.98 including shipping.

am not sure as which upgrade will be next, the rear AreoSpoke wheel or the GPS. Only when I count my cash will know which will be first. I am also thinking about a front fairing, but not sure where that will come in.

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