Monday, November 27, 2006

Ride report and pet peeve!

Early this afternoon I headed out for a nice leisurely ride through the local streets and back roads. I had excellent weather other than the strong head winds which by the end of the ride my legs were like mush. The sky was clear and the sun was bright and low in the sky. The temperature was 47 degrees at the start of ride and 61 by the end. The wind was at 8 Mph gusting to 12 Mph coming from the West, I could have waited as the winds were going to subside by 3:00 PM. I completed 14.63 miles and felt great afterwards.

Now for my pet peeve! I am a member of a bunch of recumbent forums and it seems like this peeve is on all of them. I feel that there are a bunch of elitist snobs that continue to bring my blood pressure up. What seems to happen is that a junior member tells the group that they are looking to purchase a recumbent and only have X amount of money to spend. They then continue to say they like the ActionBent products, and they are in the price range that they want to spend. Now these snobs tell the person why by an Actionbent for this amount of money when for X dollars more you can get an ICE or Catrike, and the ActionBent has so so parts. Well as far I have seen the ActionBent has at least the same quality parts and sometimes better than these other brands. And if someone is planning to spend X dollars why then mention something that cost more. This continues throughout the post without answering the junior members questions. My opinion of the AB products should be discounted and the post should go by the merit of the question. I hope these people start acting responsibly and help these people. I also have loyalty to the trike I own and I understand many others have loyalty to there brand but that doesn't help the person only wanting to spend X dollars. Sorry for the rant but this had to be addressed.

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