Friday, November 17, 2006

Nice ride but slight problem.

I was about 10 miles into my 12.5 mile ride when I went over some debris and I heard a strange noise that sounded like it was coming from the rear dérailleur. After closer examination I saw that the return side chain had come out from the idler and somehow passed the chain keeper. I couldn't see any way this could have happened, but it did, and I will call TerraCycle concerning this problem. It took only a few minutes to return the chain to its proper location, but it was messy.

The weather for today's ride was very sunny and the temperature was 51 degrees at the start and 61 degrees at the end of the ride. The wind was 7 Mph gusting to 10 Mph coming from the WNW.

I haven't heard anything from Performance Bicycle customer service regarding the miss-shipment, but after i finish this post I will give them a call.

UPDATE: I contacted Performance Bicycle and was informed that there web page was wrong and I should send it back at my expense and they will credit my account when the wrong item is received. I then ordered the Sugoi Sub Zero Tights which were $10.00 more. I was charged the $60.00 and I will get credited for the other tights when they receive them. What a pain!!

also was in contact with Robert over at TerraCycle regarding my problem, and he is sending a longer spacer and a different arm for the chain keeper.

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